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Our system engine will look for Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP) among all currently active US stocks

So many people know the magic power of VCP, but not many people have time to find them out. We are here to help you do this on EVERY trading date!

  • You are ready to beat 90% of the traders on the market!
  • Simply set up a buy stop order above the pivot/breakout point of the VCP stock.
  • Wait for the buy stop order to be triggered. After buying, don't forget to set up a sell stop order on the price just below the last contraction for protection. That's how Mark Minervini tell us!

Magic power of Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP)

A little recap of what Mark Minervini teach us on his book series "Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard"

In Stage 2 - Uptrend stage

We should not buy any stock that is not in stage 2 (Uptrend stage) even it has Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP). Don't worry, the VCP stock list we found for you must be in stage 2.

The Line of Least Resistance

This term is defined by legendary trader Jesse Livermore and Mark Minervini keeps using it. In terms of VCP, we should see a movement from greater volatility on the left side of the price base to lesser volatility on the right side. Comparing to the situation where strong investors are replacing weak traders and supply is absorbed. This line of least resistance will be formed once the “weak hands” have been eliminated.

Little buying power results in a great stock price increase

Recall the metaphor by Mark Minervini: Imagine you’ve soaked a towel in water (selling pressure) and then wrung it out. You need to retwist (contraction) the towel more than 1 time to get all the water all. Finally, the towel become dry and much lighter. At the end, the line of least resistance is formed. With only a little buying power, the stock price can easily go up high.

Entry point with lowest risk

With the above 3 points, it's expected that by waiting for a breakout at the pivot point on the VCP stock, we can easily enjoy a great amount of upward price. With the use of sell stop loss order below the last contraction, we can control our risk to reward ratio.


2 July 2024


2 July 2024


2 July 2024

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Currently, there are 6862 US stocks we will check. Full list can be downloaded here: Full US Stock list